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Contacting us with your inquiry? E-mail is always best to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. That means we have your wishes in black and white and can respond as quickly as is practicable. If it's really urgent and you need to be in touch quickly then try Micki 07485 20 27 44. There are opportunities to get in touch on every page of our sites

TRAVELING by AIR... Click HERE to visit Brittany Tourism's Page... This shows you all Departure & Arrival Airports for flights to Brittany.

Ferry? People travel to view by all means of transport - but after doing the journey 6 times a year for 20 years Ferry is best and the western channel is even better Portsmouth to St Malo... Cherbour, Caen or Roscoff and that pretty much means Brittany Ferries

Using Our Site - when you are searching for a house to buy: We are A House in Brittany and that's probably what you are after and why you have arrived here. Our site is about houses in Brittany and Normandy. It's simple...You see something you like the look of...Call us as above OR...make contact via the forms at the base of each property page... OR if you're interested in viewing or enquiring about more than one (of course you are)...then make up a a shortlist of properties as you browse - those that 'light your lamp' and click to send them with your contact details and we will get back to you...et Robert est votre oncle! Voilá! We work closely with agents across the peninsula who are happy for us to display their wares... In the past our site has often been easier for browsers to find than the agent's own - I'm hoping that is still the case - otherwise we're doomed! Good Hunting! btw... you will pay no more for your property when you allow us to do the hard work for you... We receive a percentage of the agency fee but only when you have completed on your property and not before!

Selling a Property: If  you own and are selling a property in Brittany or Normandy and you wish to display it on our site we must first place it with one of the registered agents we work with... Your house will then appear on our own site and that of the agent on the ground over there. There are NO charges for this - The purchaser pays the fees when buying and we (sometimes - but are working on making it always) receive a fee from the selling agent we have placed your property with.

The text that follows on this page is largely useful for our search engine optimisation purposes (I can't remember who told me that). 'Avids' though, who are interested in reading every detail, each nook and cranny etc., (you know who you are) may read on. Those that don't won't be missing much!... From the Brittany border in the East, where Ille et Vilaine meets Normandy, to the tip of the Finistere, (Crozon) Peninsula at Le Conquet in the West... and from Pleubian in the North of the Cotes d'Armor to Arzal, at the South Eastern most corner of the Morbihan... and just before the right turn into the Loire Atlantique... Brittany offers topography, geography and geology that confirms a shared heritage with Great Britain's own 'profile'... Brittany accepted the UK's 'friend request' hundreds of years ago - but most recently... following WWII with France's liberation (but it was Brittany & Normandy's own occupation which, when allied forces ended it, made a good relationship even more special). You are 'Big Britain' and we are 'Little Britain' my old neighbour 'the field farmer' said as he was explaining why we should be friends after cutting down a stand of laurels which we thought were ours - but he said were his! Oh how we laughed.... They were in fact his, so we had a beer together! Brittany's people are warm, friendly and accepting of newcomers. Newcomers who are constantly reminded of how Britain was back in the 1950s, when roads were empty and the population allowed for agriculture to fully supply the population with its needs and where an uncrowded countryside is dotted with hamlets, villages and towns which are unlikely to give way to anything approaching urban sprawl and crowded conurbations. Brittany's roads are still empty and residents pay No Road Tax!! How refreshing!

A House in Brittany's raison d'être is simple:- To show you property from a network of immobilisers some large, some small which, 'in a bunch', you are unlikely to find anywhere else. Bits of it - possibly... but all of it - never. At price bands from top to bottom, architectural styles from ancient to modern. There's a natural liking for the quaint and the quirky - fom the renovation project - to restored chateau perfection... All in all what we've come to be known for, which sums up our marketing mix; from "Ruin to Renovation" from "Maison to Manoir" from "Petite to Palatial" and from "Ooh and Aah to Ooh-la-lah". If we didn't keep on using that phrase then I know that someone else would nick it!

Viewing and buying property via A House in Brittany Limited will cost you no more than dealing via any other means... ie: traveling to view or seeking out individual agents and their properties on their own - sometimes infuriatingly complex sites. Why is it at no cost to purchaser or vendor? Agents with whom we work pay us a commission from their own agency fees when your sale/purchase is complete and nothing until then. The buying process is quite different from that which has evolved within the UK and often people prefer to enjoy the easier route of assistance from those who have experienced the one or more moves in a country where mistakes and misunderstanding can easily be made... Our method straightens out the hairpin bends of buying abroad. Our agents will take you from viewing... through Compromis to Completion (Acte Finale) and beyond!

If this is not the best site for Brittany & Normandy Property....I'll eat my beret! And Micki's too!

We update every day...if it's 'In' we put it 'On' • If you're serious about wanting a house in Brittany - you should visit us daily too!!! Probably the best website for Brittany & Lower Normandy... with 1,000 properties via 18 agencies....all English speaking and who will all take you from Compromis to Completion & beyond! • "I am looking to sell our 70's Breton cottage. I found your site highly rated on Google searches and would like to advertise my property on your site" BC, Sussex • "I sincerely thank you Micki for all of your consultation on the process of visiting Brittany and finding a home"...NW - UK • "This is all excellent. Thank you for arranging this at such short notice. We are setting out at 7.00am tomorrow morning. I look forward to meeting your representatives"... AB - UK • And vendors love us too! - (after selling his house in just one week) ••• "Stunning result- fingers crossed for the legals...Thanks" S.T. (UK) ••• By the way - our own house in Brittany is limping along nicely toward a finish. I can't wait to get over there full time to get stuck in Check out our progress at Le Roz...Also check out great value for money properties in Normandy too... Some companies ask for a fee up front!...Don't pay anything to anyone until you find your new home and have signed a Compromis. Some businesses actually ask for £100 for making appointments with French agencies! In fact at 'Vive la France' I saw one asking for £500!! - how very dare they!!. It's only a means of stopping you from looking more widely and finding what YOU want!

Our service is FREE You pay NO MORE for your house via our service than if you were to travel and visit agents direct!
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Looking for a house in Brittany or Normandy? Welcome to our shop window...We have approximately 1500 properties across our two areas of operation - Brittany & Normandy. Our new site is being added to daily from the stock on our original siteSo you'll be making the right move if you look here first for Brittany and Normandy. Enough properties to allow you to choose, if not the house, then properties similar in price & type to your ideal goal and we can do some searching for you from amongst our contacts ••• Trading as A House in Brittany Ltd and A House in Normandy, we are a totally independent introduction agency, working with 25s associate immobilieres across both regions who have more on their own books than are displayed here. Our service costs you nothing extra. In fact, personally, I wouldn't part with a penny to a UK (or French for that matter) based introduction agency...We receive our payment from the selling agent, by way of commission - but only after you have signed the final documentation...when the house you are looking for is yours and the keys are in your hand. At that point our agent will make sure that all of your services (those that can be) are organised to your satisfaction....No extra charges ••• Our raison d'etre is simple...to provide properties which are (still) for sale by updating our site daily, as we hear of new houses or of the sale of those displayed.The first thing we do when you make contact is check the up to date availability of the property which interests you ••• Then we will make an appointment for you to view those that you mention and others from our agent's portfolio that you may also (on arrival) decide you wish to see...Our site is simple to navigate - so we hope you enjoy the experience and, as soon as you see properties which appeal to you, contact us via e-mail or give us a call on 07485 20 27 44 (if we are at our house in Brittany - we pay the extra part of the call). Good Hunting! ••• If you are a Brittany or Normandy based Immobilier reading this and you would like wider representation through A House in Brittany or A House in Normandy - then contact us to discuss how we can help in bringing more buyers to your area.

From East to West our current working areas are:

Lisieux in Normandy, serving the area around Deauville, Honfleur, Pont-l'Eveque (best Ferry ports Caen, Le Havre, Dieppe).

Orbec in Normandy, serving the area around Broglie, Bernay, Livarot, Vimoutiers Thiberville (best Ferry ports Caen, Le Havre, Dieppe).

Vire in SE Normandy, serving the area around Vire, St Sever, Calvados, Swiss Normandy, Bocage Virois, Villedieu (best Ferry ports Caen, St Malo).

Mortain in Normandy, serving the area around Domfront, Sourdeval, St Hilaire de Harcouet, Juvigny le Tertre (best Ferry ports Caen, Le Havre, Dieppe).

Fougere in Il et Villaine, serving the area around Mayenne, Laval, Comburg, Ernée, Vitré, St James, St Hilaire du Harcouet, Pontorson (best Ferry ports St Malo, Caen...airport Dinard).

Le Mans in the Sarthe, serving the area around Le Mans, Montoire sur le Loir, Chateau du Loir, La Ferté Bernard, Sillé le Guillaume (best Ferry ports Caen, Le Havre, Dieppe).

Dinan, serving the Cotes d'Armor area around Dinan, Dinard, Dol de-Bretagne, Caulnes (best Ferry ports St Malo...airport Dinard).

Merdrignac, serving the Cotes d'Armor area around the north coast, Jugon le Lac, Broons, Merdrignac, St Meen le Grand, Moncontour, St Brieuc (best Ferry ports St Malo...airport Dinard, Rennes).

Loudeac, serving the Cotes d'Armor area around Loudeac, Trinite Porhoet, Plemet, Plessala, Laurenen, Mur de Bretagne etc., (best Ferry ports St Malo...airport Dinard).

Locminé, serving the Morbihan area around Josselin, Rohan, Pontivy, Guémené sur Scorf, Pontivy, Vannes (best Ferry ports St Malo...airport Dinard).

Malestroit, serving the Morbihan, the south coast and an area around Ploermel, Questembert, Rochéfort en-Terre, la Gacilly, Péaule, Béganne, La Roche Bernard (best Ferry ports St Malo...airport Dinard, Rennes) ••• Baud, serving the Morbihan area around Auray, Lorient, Plouay, Hennebont (best Ferry ports St Malo, Roscoff...airport Lorient, Dinard, Rennes).

Morlaix, serving the Finistere, the north coast and an area around Guingamp, Lannion, Morlaix, Carhaix-Plouguer, Chateulin (best Ferry ports St Malo, Roscoff...airport, Brest, Lorient, Dinard, Rennes). All in all there are not many areas that are not covered by our agents.

By the way...Our details do not constitute any part of an offer or contract and, although we take every care to make sure that details are factual & correct, we accept no responsibility as to their accuracy. Always pleased to hear of assumed & probable errors and/or anomalies