Creeks, Rivers, Lakes, the Gulf of Morbihan...Arty, Smarty, Markety...
Chiccy bits, Cheeky bits and more of the Nantes/Brest Canal

Morbihan mapFrom Napoleonic Pontivy on the Cotes d'Armor border - to the Quiberon peninsula and chic resorts of the south coast the Morbihan is made up of some extremely diverse ingredients... It is a panoply of traditional skills and occupations mixed with leisure & pleasure pursuits. Dozens of Islets in the Gulf and islands off the coast offer some very interesting excursions. The Gulf...(big lake or inland sea?). The wildlife here is breathtaking - a twitcher's delight... and, region-wide, leisure is a very serious business - one that guarantees, whether you are on holiday or living here, there is hardly a dull moment. Town names that will ring a bell? Pontivy (Napoleon's northern garrison town), Questembert - the medieval market is a must on a Monday morning and the annual festival of arts & music at Rochefort en Terre is a little like the 60's...If you can remember it you probably weren't there!. Malestroit, a market town with a quaint old quarter. Auray, a maritime town that is now as popular for shopping as sailing. Lorient a vibrant town with some great sweeping beaches (and one of the biggest annual Celtic music festivals in the world) and the regional capital...Vannes a city that has grown from an ancient maritime port to become a mix of heritage, culture, technology, leisure, pleasure and entertainment...If you like antiques... you'll love this place!

A Google search on any of these town names will reveal more than I can ever assemble here.


Poul Fetan in the west- is a village from another age, where ancient crafts and skills are on show... and you can take part too make a pot, make some lace, mill some corn...Josselin is a medieval town on show in near original architectural style as quaint streets and ancient buildings huddle around the castle on the banks of the Oust. (the Oust runs past the end of our lane about 80 kilometres north of here...but at our place you can jump across it. Here you could sail a ship up it!


Questembert market on a Monday is a must...The 16th Century timber market hall is worth the trip alone...but you will be amazed at what's available - from crepes and fruit & veg, Oysters and Mussels to livestock as well a Mandarin family who cook delicious Chinese food to take away (I've had some - and the crepes too - they're great)...Sweet tooth?...Bon-bon marché!


Rochefort en Terre... a petite cité de charactere is another of those manicured towns suspended in time where the annual festival at the end of August rocks...rolls and opens its heart and its doors with some very avant garde entertainment. It dares to be different!


Auray (a must to visit)... it's like Arundel by the sea - only better. The town heads a creek on the river that bears its name as it flows out into the bay. Carnac is the best known megalithic 'jigsaw' in France...4000 standing stones... makes you wonder how many more stones there might have been if they'd worked the afternoon too!

gavresNice quiet beach at Gavres... Looking toward Quiberon and its peninsula. I thought for a while that we shouldn't be there because it is sandwiched between the sea and a rocket firing range...but, after a few hours we did see a couple of other people and they weren't glowing with radiation - so, visit with confidence...There is also overnight parking for you camper or caravan...and what a nice view to enjoy during breakfast!