Normandy, so called because its earliest incoming settlers were Norsemen, forms the French side of much of British history - governed as it was by the Normans and the French - or Vice Versa for so many years.... It is still a land of wide open spaces, forests, empty roads, quiet and quaint villages, sleepy hamlets and architectural gems. Lower Normandy is made up of 4 departments:- Manche, Calvados, Orne, Eure and Seine Maritime (we also cover the Mayenne) And, when it comes to Normandy property as an investment - the owners of many styles of property, especially older Longeres, Colombage Longhouses, Corps de Ferme, Manoirs, Maisons Bourgeoise, Mills, Cottages, Farmhouses, Presbyteries, Equestrian and Stud Farms and Chateaux etc., have space to spare for Gites or may operate as Chambres d'Hotes (B&B) to cater for the increasing holiday market.

A House in Normandy can be a great getaway or economic bolt-hole for house hunters from the UK as properties in North West France tend to be available at a fraction of the cost of similar housing stock (if you can find like for like) in the British Isles. Norman homes have always looked like the right move to make - as so many which were left after the agricultural revolution and, over the years those which were neglected in favour of new build French real estate because of discrepancies in the inheritance and property laws (which taxed newer properties at a lower level than those older in years) those traditional, stone under slate farm cottages and the like. Normandy property sales are on the up because of the strength of the Pound Sterling against the weaker Euro. And, as a result Normandy property agents are eager to show off bargain properties from their portfolio. French real estate is on the up and...under the microscope by discerning property finders... Good Hunting. You'll find what you're looking for with a house in Normandy

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