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clpECL&P Assurances  • When it comes to Insurance... THE people to come to!
CL&P Assurances make the complex sound simple...and the difficult, easy! In short... they speak your language! House Insurance...from Day One & Vehicle Insurance when you've settled in may well be where your insurance needs begin. But CL&P in association with AXA go the extra mile and beyond... It really is worth a reassuring conversation before you take that first step...make sure it's one in the right direction!
CL&P Assurance in Pontivy & Locminé... But really - All Over Central Brittany!  Read about us here first


ferryTake the Ferry to Brittany • When you view with A House in Brittany/Normandy... For a property in Brittany we've always found that ferry travel is best. And the western Channel leaves you with fewer miles to travel on the French side. So, Portsmouth to St.Malo, Caen, Cherbourg or Plymouth Roscoff are your options.The most sensible way to travel to view...Just a couple of property viewings and you'll be joining the owner's club and beginning to recognise all those other frequent travellers... The ones who are renovating... deshevelled as they arrive at the docks covered in plaster and brick dust... just longing to get in the shower in the cabin and rejoin the human race! The ones who bought a finished up-market house... They'll be having the posh meal! Here's a page that will give you chapter and verse on departures and arrivals. And when you know where you're going click here to book with Brittany Ferries

planeAll Flight Points to and from Brittany  • Brittany Tourism has a great website in general for everything to do with exploring Brittany and all that there is to see and do...  But for us it's great too - because they've also done an excellent job of researching all of the airports out of the UK and where they fly to in Brittany - it's all laid out for you in very easy to follow fashion and, at the same time as checking flights and their details you can have a look too at all there is to see and explore throughout the peninsula... also and probably more important Brush up on the area in which your new house may be situated. Bon Voyage. 


th-4Everything you need to know about French Trains In Brittany • It's not often that our prospective property purchasers travel to and around Brittany by Train... There have been two I think. I wonder where they are now?! But, that's not to say you don't need to know about the possibility of nipping around by rail - You may want to have a weekend in Paris or take the train down to the South of France to see how the poor people get by without a house in Brittany. Once again this is all courtesy of Brittany Tourism... a fine website indeed! 


car-stickerSurvive France Network • It is what it says on the tin!.. A Network of ex-pats - but, in practise, a whole lot more...  Social Networking, of course, but in a cosier and more purposeful way. It's International but most of SFN members are Ex-UK and are surviving in France with a little help from their friends on-line. When you are signed in there's a chance to ask questions, offer answers and solutions to well worn and sometimes 'left field' problems... to make recommendations - discuss the odd dichotomy... get creative within arts and design fields.  A place to find inspiration and somewhere you might also inspire others. It's by ex pats - for ex pats - Initially it's an opportunity to learn from those who have trodden the path ahead of you. You can also promote your business to the Ex-Pat market in France... Warning: SFN can be habit forming!

rachelsteelOoh! Those first few days in a new country! - Assistance & Translation Services  • Hi I'm Rachel. I've been living in Brittany for 10 years now And I understand how it feels to be in a new country where, even if you speak a little of the language, you still feel all at sea on day one, two, three and probably four too. And, of course, in the run up to the 'big day'... unless you have a good grounding in the language or the French way of life, you may need some friendly support... So, don't get stuck up the creek without a paddle... Click here to see what I can do for you... You might call me lucky - I speak French and I've got my finger on the buttons of all the services and areas of life you will need to settle in... and move forward with confidence. I can offer advice and help with your property sale. Assistance with translations. Friendly, professional advice. Tailored solutions concerning paperwork, translations, relocation, education, healthcare, finance, insurance and more! • Rachel Steel - Tel: 06852 24 44 67 - Web Click Here • Beyond the Language Barrier!

ahibbandb Une Chambre en Bretagne (translation reveals it as 'A House in Brittany'... so we are almost related) is a fine looking Chambre de Hote with a great reputation at Collinée in the Cotes d'Armor... between the Emerald Coast and the Forest of Brocealande amidst many towns, topographical and historic features (including Merlin's Tomb, the Bay of St Brieuc, and Dinan) and, as this B&B is at the heart of it all, staying here is a must... even if you are not intending to view properties in the area via ourselves... Theirs is a very interesting and informative website... It's obvious that there is great love here for everything Breton... Enjoy your stay!  



removals1Get a Move On... is part of the Compass Moving Group. If you are looking for an honest, professional and reliable company for your Removals to and from France we are the team to provide you with this moving experience... We offer a door to door service, with all services undertaken by our own 'air-ride' vehicles. With over25 years experience in Removals to France; Compass Services offer a weekly full or part load removals service to France... So, all you've got to do is 'Get a Move On!'



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